About the Founder

Jesse Erlbaum has been developing custom software professionally since 1994 and has worked in online community systems since 1989. He founded The Erlbaum Group in 2002 as a software development firm with the goal of developing high-quality custom web application software by utilizing open-source systems.

The passion for designing and building software set in early. Jesse was introduced to computer programming in elementary school, and by middle school wrote a computer program to satisfy a science assignment. In 1989, he started his own Bulletin Board System (BBS), called The Belfry(!), instantly attracting a cult of regulars drawn to its vibrant and creative environment.

Jesse's love affair with the World Wide Web was sparked by two consummate interests — on-line communities and programming. As the state of the art embraced progressively more interactive capabilities, he focused on building the systems and standards from which his clients have increasingly benefited.

In 1997, he established an archive of reusable, object-oriented Perl libraries called Dynexus, which became the foundation for his development of web-based, database-connected systems. Jesse subsequently released the core modules of Dynexus as open source software, free for anybody to use. Two of the most essential modules, HTML::Template and CGI::Application, have been widely adopted by web developers around the world, and now rank among the most popular systems for creating web-based software applications.

Jesse Erlbaum lives in New York with his wife, who is an architect and engineer, and their two young children.

Jesse Erlbaum