What is a "Krang?"
A CMS built for Publishers, by Publishers

In 2003 the Primedia corporation needed a new Content Management System. They needed a system through which their publishers and editors could easily and efficiently update all 220 of the web sites in the Primedia family. They needed a system which could handle the diversity of their publications, from industry and trade sites such as Ward's Auto, to enthusiast sites such as Motortrend and Soap Opera Digest, to outdoors and sporting publications such as Florida Sportsman and Guns and Ammo.

In close collaboration with Primedia's Internet Resource Technology group, The Erlbaum Group was hired to build this dream system exactly to their specifications. When the project was completed in 2004, it was released as Open Source Software. The result is that the Krang CMS is now available, free of cost, to be used by anybody in the world. Today, The Erlbaum Group uses Krang as a platform for its CMS clients, which include New York Magazine, Motortrend, Ward's Auto, Soap Opera Digest, Equisearch, Power & Motor Yacht, Guns & Ammo, and Florida Sportsman.

The Krang CMS is unique in that it was designed by publishers, for publishers. The Erlbaum Group was present at its creation, and we continue to be at the core of the ongoing development of Krang. And, because Krang is Open and free, you can spend less of your money on fees and licenses, and more on making your web site as good as it can be.

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The Erlbaum Group is a very strong technology shop on all fronts -- starting with architecture and design, up through high coding standards, clean implementation, on-time delivery, and good customer support. They are straight with the client in the planning and scheduling phases. I recommend them without qualification. I've entrusted big projects to them before, and I would do it again.
Sara Plath, Forward Technology
(formerly SVP Technology, Primedia Internet Resource Technology Group)