Reliable, Open and Free

The software we create for our clients is built upon parts we scavenge, for free! Of this, we are quite proud. While it may sound like we are digital dumpster diving, in fact we are building your software upon the most reliable platform available in the world today: Open Source Software.

Open Source Software ("OSS") is software which is created by people and organizations in collaboration, around the world, who have similar needs. The most well-known OSS product is the Linux operating system. Linux was created by a people who needed a reliable operating system which could be customized to their individual needs. More than a decade later, Linux is maintained by an army of developers, both individuals and corporations such as IBM and Red Hat, and its use in the corporate world has become commonplace.

Another well-known OSS product is the Apache web server. Maintained by a global army, Apache is the most popular web server in the world today, far more so than the competing web server created by software giant, Microsoft. Linux and Apache are two systems which form the foundation of the software The Erlbaum Group develops for our clients.

Leveraging global resources by aligning them towards a common goal is a proven way to produce a superior software platform. The Erlbaum Group takes advantage of this work for your benefit. And, because OSS is free of cost, you can spend less of your money on licensing fees, and more of it on creating new features and capabilities of your web site.

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