[cgiapp] Pre-Announcement and Help Request

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Thu Apr 17 09:26:25 EDT 2008

On 04/17/2008 03:15 AM, Ron Savage wrote:
> Hi Folks
> I'll soon release CGI::Application::Bouquet, which uses Rose::*
> (including Rose::DBx::Garden), CGI::Application and
> CGI::Application::Dispatch.
> A Bouquet of Roses, get it :-))?
> And yes, it's a CGI::Application version of Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst.

sounds cool.

> As yet it treats the database as read-only, so my code is a search
> engine tailored to a specific database, but has no update facility.

any particular reason you haven't gone the whole way to a complete CRUD solution? You
might look at CatalystX::CRUD for how I've been doing that in Catalyst-land.

> I'm interested in your thoughts on paging. There are 2 paging modes in
> use:
> (1) Using Rose::DB::Object::Manager
> (2) Using  YAHOO.widget.Paginator (see http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ )

#2 is really only useful if you use the YUI Datatable. That's what the templates in RDGC
use. They still do server-side paging though, so RDGC actually uses both. I use
Data::Pageset in CatalystX::CRUD. Look at [1] for the CatalystX::CRUD implementation.

I'm actually at work on refactoring RDGC to install a base set of .pm and .tt files in
@INC at install time, rather than generating all that code at run time. I think that will
make it easier to update RDGC later and get new features. I'll be changing the TT
INCLUDE_PATH to look first at the local doc_root and then a the installed .tt file path,
so that you can override the installed .tt behaviour with local files. Like subclassing
your templates. That means that RDGC is changing from a pure code-generator to more of a
turn-key webapp/CRUD solution.

I mention that because a lot of the magic in RDGC is in the .tt and YUI code, and it might
be interesting to see if we could share some of that .tt code between the two projects.
Assuming of course that you have any interest in adding the full CRUD features to your

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