[cgiapp] Pre-Announcement and Help Request

Ron Savage ron at savage.net.au
Fri Apr 18 22:30:06 EDT 2008

Hi Peter

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 08:24 -0500, Peter Karman wrote:
> On 04/18/2008 03:38 AM, Ron Savage wrote:
> =
> > Yep. I've used it to generate an app. What I couldn't understand is why
> > it was so slow to run, even after I tried deleting the '-debug' option,
> > and switching from the test HTTP server to Apache. I thought it
> > (Catalyst?) may have been generating vast amounts of code at run time. I
> > could uderstand the -debug option being slow, but not all alternatives.
> At the risk of going way off topic, "slow to run" seems a little suspicious. Slow to start
> the server, yes, that's not unusual for apps with lots of classes. But slow response times
> to requests? I have not seen that.

Catalyst is off topic for sure, but this matter impinges on the topic of
whether or not to abandon CGI::App in favour of Catalyst.

> I didn't notice any post you might have made to the Cat list, but reproducable "slow to
> run" cases would be welcomed there.

It's true I didn't post to any Catalyst list. Sigh - it's a complex

o Slow was an extremely polite way of saying it was unusable. I avoided
being blunt to avoid offending contributors such as yourself. Even
unusable is polite...

o To investigate that problem has a number of connotations, making it a
difficult decision, for me at least

o Time spent on that would take me away from my (perhaps pointless)
dream of writing my own generic web-base gui to interface to databases
(again), even though getting that particular code going would in fact be
a solution, presumably

o What worried me was where the problem might actually lie

o Would I have to delve into DBIx::Class, having just recently decided
to adopt Rose as my primary ORM? I've used Class::DBI successfully in
the past, so that decision is not all negative, given also that
DBIx::Class add-ons are clearly a growth industry

o Would I have to delve into Catalyst, about which I know very little?
Of course, in a couple of years we may all be using Catalyst

o How long would it take, how much effort would it require, and would I
be satisfied with the result?

o There's also the great feeling of intellectual achievement when you do
something (at least a bit) new, different, and successful. This I'm
happy to confess impelled me to work on the CGI::App version

o I'd have to enrol in yet another mailing list, with another password,
and filter out all the 'interesting' but not directly relevant posts

o Last Wednesday I was offered a new, part-time, job, and hence have a
little less time to devote to all this

We now return you to your regular, scheduled program.
Ron Savage
ron at savage.net.au

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