[cgiapp] Q: Any guidelines for paging thru db records via CGI params?

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.uni-koeln.de
Mon May 26 05:53:27 EDT 2008

Hi Cees,

> I wrote a CGI::App plugin that does paging a few years ago, but I
> never released it.  It manages all the URL generation for you, and all
> you have to do is give it the total number of search results.  It
> gleans the other info (like page number) from the current query
> params, so it can properly highlight what page you are on.  I use it
> with Rose::DB::Object and it makes life very easy.
> One drawback you might have on my solution is that it uses
> Template::Toolkit, and I believe you are still in the HTML::Template
> camp, so it may not be right for you.  It could be made to work with
> HTML::Template though.
> I am willing to share if anyone is interested.

I am very interested, especially since I am using the same tools 
(CAP+TT+Rose). So, what would be even better than the plugin source is 
an example how you get everything organized. Just some "copy and paste" 
or whatever is quick and easy for you.


Michael Lackhoff
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