[cgiapp] How to open a child window?

Flavio Poletti flavio at polettix.it
Sat Jul 26 05:42:03 EDT 2008

> Hi,
> This may seem obvious to someone who's been using the framework for a
> while, but from all that I've been reading, I can only stay working in
> the same window. Is there a way I can pop-open a new view to allow
> detailed editing of a single field? My results would need to be saved
> into the current working data set.

I'd tend to say that this is a client-side issue that is almost
transparent to CGI::Application. I don't know what are robust and portable
means to open a pop-up, but this new window should anyway be provided a
URI to display, and this URI would point to some particular runmode of
your C::A.

On the working dataset, it depends on how you address the dataset in your
application. It could be a simple id, or something more complicated;
depending  on your needs and your security concerns, you can "transport"
these data in some hidden field of your detached form (hidden only to
avoid bothering the user, not for security of course), or use a session in
the server. Two or more open windows in the same client browser should
already share the same session, so it should be more or less for free.

Last, but not least, I've often seen a refresh in the main page when
something happens in the detached window, e.g. when this gets closed. This
is client side trickery with Javascript and, again, transparent to C::A.



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