[cgiapp] ::Server vs ::Dispatch::Server: Worth having both?

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Sat Sep 20 22:03:56 EDT 2008

George Hartzell writes:
 > [...]
 >   static-content.patch extends the entry-points table so that you can
 >     point specific entry-points at directories, which are then used as
 >     the docroot in a call to serve-static.

Some self-feedback.

Around line 83 of the patched Server.pm I checked to see if the
directory exists and is *scannable*.  In retrospect I think that I
want *readable* (-r).

I think that an existence test is redundant given the directory-ness

The new serve_response method might be better called _serve_response,
the privacy implied by a leading underscore would excuse the lack of
pod documentation.



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