[cgiapp] ($self vs $c) was: Re: New Plugin: RunmodeDeclare

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Mon Sep 29 04:57:16 EDT 2008

Mark Stosberg wrote:

> Although I still prefer "$c" in my own code, I thought they made good
> points, so I switched back from "$c" to "$self" in the docs and code of
> the latest CGI::App dev release. 
> But I'm interested in more opinions on the issue. Richard, do you
> particularlly prefer "$c", or were you mostly following along the docs
> that were updated to switch from "$self" to "$c" ?

Actually prefer $c these days as a) it's shorter and therefore quicker 
and less easy to mis-spell (I seem to type slef more often than self), 
but more importantly, having done a lot of work with Catalyst recently, 
that's the Cat standard also, so it's familiar to me.
Richard Jones

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