[cgiapp] Re: Unexpected variable persistence with CAD / CADS

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 16:57:28 EDT 2008

Mark Stosberg wrote:

>> It doesn't seem to happen in an identical setup running under mod_perl, 
>> so I presume it's a 'feature' of the CAD::Server / HTTP::Server. Is this 
>> a known issue, and one of the caveats alluded to in the CAD::Server 
>> docs? Never been a problem for anyone else?
> I haven't used CAD::Server much. Does it also happen with CGI::Application::Server
> ( which I think can also work with Dispatch.pm ) ?

Wish I knew. I've never been able to get CA Server working with my 
Dispatch subclass. The exact same dispatch table that works in CAD 
Server returns either a blank page and no error in the console, or an 
error message stating that target must be either a CGI::Application or 
CGI::Application::Dispatch subclass, even though they always are. It's 
probably something I've mis-configured, but I'll keep at it.
Richard Jones

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