[cgiapp] CGI::Application + javascript + http server + icons

Michael Peters mpeters at plusthree.com
Wed Nov 19 09:36:27 EST 2008

Arsen Hayrapetyan wrote:

> When I am running my application, it does not see the image files. Firefox
> plugin shows that the following file is requested: *
> URL_base/cgi-bin/app-images/bullet.gif*
> I.e., my application sees *cgi-bin* instead of *htdocs*.

This is an apache configuration issue not really related to C::A. You might get more help on an 
apache specific mailing list. But just for kicks, what does you httpd.conf file look like?

> I tried also other ways of referring to the image files in js code, such as:
> */app-images/bullet.gif*,* htdocs/app-images/bullet.gif*, but none of them
> worked.

If your document root is in htdocs/ then that's where all of your media assets belong (image files, 
css, js and .html). And you reference it without mentioning the document root using an absolute path 
(like /images/bullet.gif). This should work and if it isn't then something's amiss in your apache 

> Putting the images under *cgi-bin* (bad idea by itself) didn't work also, as
> httpd server recognised the image files as scripts and tried to execute
> them.

That's probably because you have it set up to execute anything in cgi-bin/ which is probably not 
what you want anyway.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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