[cgiapp] [announce] OO MVC jumpstart/starter application

Ron Savage ron at savage.net.au
Thu Dec 4 17:43:35 EST 2008

Hi Mark

The first thing I'd say is about user.cgi:

1) You talk about changing the value of $PRIVATE_HOME_DIR

I would use a config file, and have the 2 values of $PRIVATE_HOME_DIR in
that file.

Yes, I know switching something in the config file (or env) seems to be
the same as switching something in the code, but I prefer to keep the
code generic.

2) You use $PRIVATE_HOME_DIR = '../../app1_private';

OK, so you're not using mod_perl, and didn't mention Apache::Registry,
but that '../../' worries me.

I take every opportunity to warn beginners that they should be extremely
careful about assumptions as to which directory their script thinks is
the current directory when it starts. More here:


Ron Savage
ron at savage.net.au

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