[cgiapp] Proposed new look and branding for cgi-app.org

Leonard leonard at umn.edu
Fri Apr 17 11:51:46 EDT 2009

I really like the look and feel.

However something buged me about the left nav, and I couldn't put my 
finger on it, and my co-worker helped me figure it out. It doesn't have 
a 'how to get' section. He was surprised that Titanium had been released 
and that he could use it today. At that point he figured he could get it 
from CPAN, but we really need to have a 'how to get' or 'download' section.

My co-worker had other confusions with the site, like what are the 
differences between plugins and modules? 
The 'Ti' icon at the top looked like an iPhone application icon, (is 
this really that bad?)
He also felt that the left nav could be reorganized to make better 
sense, with the examples at the top, where/how to get and plugins 
second, third would be tutorials, and fourth would be best 

I asked his input as a programmer who didn't know what Titanium or 
CGI::App was.

I hope this helps.

Leonard Miller

Michael Peters wrote:
> Mark Stosberg wrote:
>> Lyle Hopkins has generously worked with me to prepare this proposed 
>> redesign
>> for cgi-app.org. I'm interested in your feedback before moving forward:
>> http://cosmicsitedesign.com/cgi-app/
> I like the general look and feel.
>> The update addresses long standing complaints about the genericness 
>> of the name
>> "CGI::Application" or that the project name includes "CGI" at all.  
>> The words
>> "CGI::Application" also just hard to create a brand and marketing 
>> materials
>> around.  So the update emphasises the Titanium name and branding, 
>> although all
>> the content will generally continue to refer to CGI::Application and 
>> related
>> plugins as it does now.
>> I realize Titanium is just one possible direction to go with 
>> CGI::Application,
>> but overall I think it's a better name to brand and market around than
>> CGI::Application.
> My biggest beef with Titanium is the name. It has these problems:
> 1) It's not googleable you can't find anything by searching for 
> "Titanium", "Titanium Software" or "Titanium Framework". Contrast this 
> with Jifty (which is #1) and Catalyst (which is #1 for "Catalyst 
> Framework" and #6 for "Catalyst Software").
> 2) It's not memorable. While titanium is a nice strong lightweight 
> metal, it is kind of overused in pop-culture, at least imho.
> 3) It's too long. 4 syllables, come on! Maybe we could drop some 
> syllables (like Southern US English) to make it titane or titaenyum :) 
> Or maybe we can drop some vowels to make it more web 2.0ish: titnm :)
> I know we've had this debate before and it's probably out of my hands, 
> but I've always liked taking a few swings with a stick at the deceased 
> bodies of equine animals.

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