[cgiapp] Re: only one session id per instance under fcgi?

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Tue Apr 21 12:09:17 EDT 2009

> first off, great framework.
> but i'm having some trouble with cgi::app::plugin::session under fcgi.
> i'm only getting one session id per application instance (since
> session_config() has to be called in cgiapp_init() i guess?). this
> effectively means that all clients have the same session id.

It looks like this behavior is related to the implementation of
CGI::Application::FastCGI, which documents that per-request
code should happen in "prerun()" ( which I think is odd ).


> am i missing something? is there a canonical way to run cgi::apps in
> an fcgi environment?

I'm not currently using CGI::Application with FastCGI, but here's an
alternate approach to try:


I would guess that with this second approach, more things will become
"per request", and your current code may work.


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