[cgiapp] Redirecting with CGI::App Problem (possibly mod_perl related)

Brad Van Sickle bvs7085 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 00:25:23 EDT 2009

I'm running under mod_perl, not sure if that's relevant here or not... I 
think it is because I've been able to get this working in a non-mod_perl 
envrionment previously...

I'm attempting to validate a user's session in my cgi::app script.  If 
the session cookie is not present, or the session is invalid, I want to 
redirect the user to the login module to get authenticated.   The "order 
of operations" document has a nice example of how to do this from within 
init, but printing out the redirect headers and than issuing a die() to 
prevent the rest of the operations from executing.

This does not work for me.  As soon as that die executes my script fails 
with the error:

Error executing class callback in init stage: Died at blah blah blah 

my code: 
   if (!$ValidSession)
	use CGI::Application::Plugin::Redirect;
	print $self->redirect($FailureLocation);

I've read every bit of documentation I can find and tried everything I can think of... I could really use some suggestions at this point. 


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