[cgiapp] Problems with uploads

Ron Savage ron at savage.net.au
Fri Jun 25 19:43:17 EDT 2010

Hi Nicholas

On Fri, 2010-06-25 at 11:07 +0100, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> > JS code will often require the id, so you should always include it.
> I thought this pretty much sums it up. http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/showpost.php?p=699631&postcount=2
> So I only include when I have CSS or js stuff to hang on it.

Up to you.

> Whilst not wanting to rollback on the on the inaccuracy of the text, I should say it was a paraphrase. 
> The text did not specify an actual size, but my understanding is that this size relates to display length of the control, and so 
> should not influence what CONTENT_LENGTH parameter is send to the browser.

Sure. But we don't normally make any attempt to explicitly control
content_length, but just let the web clients/servers deal with it.

That's a polite way of saying 'Forget it!' :-).

The display length of the control matters, though.

Just think of the (human) name fields you see (as I have seen), of about
15 chars. The designer of that is just dumb, or perhaps racist.

People from Sri Lanka have - in my personal experience - up to 65 chars
(including spaces between names of course) in their names.

Likewise, American dates (m/d/y) are so ridiculous that these days I
make a point of calling such web page designs racist.

And I still remember many years are some (American) software could not
cope with the fact that I have no middle name. It's just Ron Savage. The
designers /forbid/ that name to be entered without a middle initial, so
an X was fabricated, just to get my name into the system.

People who are that ruthless about imposing their fantasies of how
people must behave are clearly (but I hope mildly) psychotic.

See? It's all about how humans interact with the software.

Making an input screen nice to use, and making it match reality, are the
responsibilities of the designer, and the coder.

> Oh dear. Where shall I start?

Each person should at least try to do a little bit.

That's why I took over maintenance of CGI::Session, even though the
internals are a mess.

You only have to help with 1 bug, not all of them...

Ron Savage
Ph: 0421 920 622

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