[cgiapp] Announce: CGI::Snapp::Dispatch V 1.00 etc, with PSGI support

Ron Savage ron at savage.net.au
Fri Apr 13 20:41:06 EDT 2012

Hi Brett

On 14/04/12 00:59, B. Estrade wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 06:48:34AM -0400, Nic Zero  wrote:
> ..ah, yes..the community - that's the compelling part about CAP for
> me. I like this list a lot, for example.

Agreed. I released Snapp publicly just so the community can use it.

> I am less inclined to use something other than CAP proper, but
> Mojolicious looks interesting. Something about how much it hides is a
> little unerving to me, though.

It's always a bit of a risk to change direction away from a 
well-recognized module to an alternative, since you are - at first - 
entering the unknown. But you did that by adopting CAP originally.

I have precisely the same reaction as you to Mojolicious' 
automated-hamburger-with-the-lot approach.

> I have routes set up fine using CAP::Dispatch (which also supports the
> HTTP methods for the clean URIs. Beyond setting up the routes, I am
> not sure what Mojo gives me since I still have to implement my backend
> to push and pull data. It is a lot cleaner looking, but one thing that
> stands out to me are those templates in Mojo - out of the box, they
> seem way to powerful (I am a fan of super dumb templates).

Yes - it's writing the real guts of the app which is always the 
challenge, and I do love to see how others have done it, since I'm very 
visual like that. If too much is automated, what's to see?

My choice of templater is Text::Xslate.

>> * Ron, if you do continue with Snapp, try borrowing some of
>> the smart ideas from Mojolicious::Lite, but
>> * like me, I suspect you'll fall in love with Mojolicious and
>> Snapp will just be an amusing memory.
> Thanks, everyone. And thanks, Ron, for your efforts - I don't think
> any effort to improve things or to learn is time wasted. Most OSS
> projects out there are "one man" or "one off".  I have a few myself =).

Thanx for the positive feedback. I'm delighted to say I don't think any 
of my time was wasted.

As some of you might know, I take care of my mother who has Alzheimer's, 
so I'm at home all day with plenty of time available.

Ron Savage
Ph: 0421 920 622

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