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The Erlbaum Group is a custom software development firm.

The Internet is full of amazing, high-quality, and often free software. (Thanks, open source!) Quite a lot of the time, there is something out there you can download or buy which will do exactly what you need. And if you can, you should. But...

Sometimes your business needs a system which is unique. Specific. Specialized.

That unique need might very well be the advantage which is central to your success. The more unique your idea, the less likely it is that you can find an "off the shelf" software solution you can just download. You need to make something new. You need something invented, just for you. (And you need it, like, yesterday.)

That is what we do. We specialize in creating unique software solutions, built to your exact specifications, from imagination to design to development to operation — to evolution. And, if that's what you need, then you've come to the right place.


The Erlbaum Group makes custom web and database applications designed for the unique needs of your company.

TEG Logo